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                Leading intelligent warehouse logistics revolution
                Automated intelligent system solutions
                who are we£¿
                Quicktron Intelligent Technology was established in 2014 and provides customers with system solutions based on intelligent robots, starting from the user¡¯s business scene, through subversive industry concepts and highly integrated hardware and software products!
                Quicktron = Intelligent robot + Intelligent warehousing operation system
                • 500+Company size
                • 65+R&D Engineer
                • 75%Proportion of R&D Expenses
                What we have done
                • 8000 sets AGV sold to customers
                • Successfully keep running in VIP warehouse
                • Running miles on
                • Got the best customer in E-commerce market
                • 200 projects up to now covering up to 20 industries
                NewsLet the value share record the enterprise development step