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                Quicktronaccelerates intralogistics automation since 2014. With more than 22,000 units installed and operational worldwide, we deliver future-proof robotic products that help our customers to optimize their warehouse management and manufacturing efficiency across 50+ industries.

                We stay at the forefront of technical innovation, allocating 75% of expenses to R&D. We are committed to equipping businesses with industry-specific automation solutions, which meet the supply chain challenges of today and tomorrow.

                • 2014Quicktron establishment, Angel round

                • 2015Series A Funding (BEST, ZTEVC)

                • 20162nd generation robots launched

                • 2017Series B Funding (Cainiao, SBCVC) The first overseas project launched in South East Asia

                • 2018Series C Funding (CBDEIF, Shanghai Guohe Capital, etc.) The first warehouse with 1000+ARMs for Cainiao in Asia

                • 2019Quicktron system 2.0 released 3rd Generation robots launched CE certification Wi-Fi 6 solution with Huawei

                • 2020Series C+ Funding (KION Group, Saudi Aramco, etc.). Strategic partnership with KION and its subsidiaries Linde and DEMATIC to expand business overseas

                • 2021QuickBin patent received 22,000 mobile robots delivered Overseas sales reached 20% of annual sales

                • 2014
                • 2015
                • 2016
                • 2017
                • 2018
                • 2019
                • 2020
                • 2021
                • Taiwan / South East Asia: +886-2-66002945
                  South Korea: +82-10-42868898
                  Japan: +81-3-5829-8968
                  China Mainland:
                  400 - 859 - 2188
                • Sales: info@flashhold.com
                  Service: hotline@flashhold.com
                  Partnership: mkt@flashhold.com

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