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                Diversifying customers base

                About customer

                Headquartered in Shanghai with 29 branch offices, Runbows business network covers more than 95% of domestic districts.
                Industry: 3PL servicing apparel brand
                Inventory: 5000+SKU, 180,000 items

                Project highlights

                Quicktron automated area: 1000 m2
                QuickBin robots: 73
                Workstations: 4
                Outbound volume: 1000 pcs/hour per station, 5 times increase
                Labor force: reduced from 25 to 10 people


                Runbow, one of the fastest-growing 3PL service providers in China, completely transformed its operation with 73 QuickBin robots.


                As a result, the company not only solved the recurring need to hire and train temporary workers, increased picking efficiency, but also expanded the client base with new international brands.

                • Taiwan / South East Asia: +886-2-66002945
                  South Korea: +82-10-42868898
                  Japan: +81-3-5829-8968
                  China Mainland:
                  400 - 859 - 2188
                • Sales: info@flashhold.com
                  Service: hotline@flashhold.com
                  Partnership: mkt@flashhold.com

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