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                Asia¡¯s first 1000+ AMRs warehouse

                About customer

                The logistics arm of Alibaba Group, that carries the company¡¯s mission of making it easy to do business anywhere.
                Industry: e-commerce
                Inventory: 34,000 SKUs

                Project highlights

                Quicktron automated area: 30,000m2
                Shelf-to-person robots: 1000+
                Workstations: 350
                Shelves: 2,700
                Picking efficiency: 600 pcs/hour/station
                Outbound response: 15 minutes orders ready to deliver, 30% faster


                Alibaba logistics arm Cainiao established a global network, ensuring 24-hours delivery in China, and 72 hours globally.


                With the goal to optimize the processing rate, Cainiao automated its main warehouse, that stores products for Tmall, one of the largest online shopping platforms in terms of inventory.


                Quicktron had customized an automation plan with different zonings of products and picking methods to improve the warehouse performance.

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