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                Automating China¡¯s first ¡°smart, digital, green¡± logistics center for apparel and shoes

                About customer

                Erke sportswear and shoe brand owns 7000 stores in China and sells internationally.
                Industry: apparel&shoes
                Order volume: 2000 orders/hour

                Project highlights

                Shelf-to-person robots: 56
                Workstations: 8
                Shelves: 1200
                Picking efficiency: 2 mins from order placement to ready for delivery


                With “national trend” on the rise, Chinese sports brands are reportedly on the way to dethrone foreign competitors, that have long dominated the market. To enhance logistics efficiency amid rapidly growing order volumes, Erke automated its Changtai logistics center.


                Quicktron goods-to-person solution allowed to rationalize SKU storage, increase shelf hit rate, and ensured efficient order fulfillment even during unprecedented demand, when sales raised by up to 52 times.

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