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                Simplifying cross-border fulfillment

                About customer

                With services including logistics, software, and consulting, 4PX is China¡¯s leading cross-border e-commerce solutions provider.
                Industry: cross-border e-commerce 3PL
                Inventory: 2M items, 47,000 SKU
                Daily orders: 16,900-26,600
                Order profile: 89% multi item orders

                Project highlights

                Quicktron automated area: 8,000m2
                Shelf-to-person robots: 82
                Workstations: 15 (picking)+7 (putaway)
                Shelves: 2456
                Storage capacity increased: 5580.21m3
                Picking efficiency: 230 pcs/hour every station


                4PX owns and operates a network of 7 warehouses worldwide, servicing 20,000+ businesses. 

                A newly built warehouse in the US is one of the company’s latest strategic additions.

                Automating picking allowed 4PX to efficiently process a large number of SKUs owned by different merchants. To ensure maximum simplicity for the operator, the company implemented a “one order at a time” fulfilment strategy.

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