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                Bama Tea

                Amplifying brand strategy with smart e-commerce warehouse

                About customer

                A large-scale tea maker selling across 2000+chain stores and online.
                Industry: e-commerce
                Daily orders: 5,000
                Inventory: 200,000 items
                Order profile: 53% single item orders

                Project highlights

                Quicktron automated area: 2,000 m2
                Shelf-to-person robots: 18
                Workstations: 8
                Shelves: 184
                Labor cost: decreased 30%


                To enhance online sales and customer experience, the artisan tea brand automated a separate e-commerce warehouse. Quicktron goods-to-person robots move pallets with high-velocity merchandise, and shelves with slower selling items.


                Each station is equipped with 2 put walls allowing to simultaneously process 24 orders. The solution allowed Bama to fully utilize limited space, and enhance picking efficiency by 2 times.

                • Taiwan / South East Asia: +886-2-66002945
                  South Korea: +82-10-42868898
                  Japan: +81-3-5829-8968
                  China Mainland:
                  400 - 859 - 2188
                • Sales: info@flashhold.com
                  Service: hotline@flashhold.com
                  Partnership: mkt@flashhold.com

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