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                QuickBinis Quicktron¡¯s patented bin-to-person solution technology that optimizes warehouse operations by utilizing two types of robots. The combination of the sturdy and efficient bin picker with the compact and agile bin mover enhances picking and bulk SKUs handling efficiency.

                Application scenarios

                Large number of SKUs picking and returns
                processing,unaffected by order volume spikes


                E-commerce, Apparel, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Publishing, FMCG, Electronics, 3PL, Automotive

                Customer challenges

                • Throughput fluctuations

                • Low storage capacity

                • Increasing number of B2C orders and returns

                • Inefficient picking and high SKU count

                Solution highlights

                • Efficient picking with two robots operation
                  Bin picker retrieves bins, moving a short distance in the aisle, bin mover transports goods to and from workstations.

                • Flexible to throughput requirements
                  The picking station can be designed with 1 or 2 picking points, further maximizing picking efficiency.

                • Performance-driven design
                  Small, lightweight bin mover is equipped with lifting mechanism for operator's convenience. More robots take up less space, queueing in front of a picking station.

                Value for the customer

                • Improved efficiency

                  Operator can pick 400 order lines/hour, 3-4 times more efficient than manual picking.

                • Optimized throughput

                  Up to 400 bins/hour in one aisle, and 6000 bins/hour in single warehouse.

                • Flexible, scalable system

                  Fast installation with minimum disruptions to the daily operations.
                  Quantity of robots and workstations can be easily increased or decreased.
                  ROI in 1-2 years.

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