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                Quicktron point-to-point robotsare designed to transfer goods, dock with other equipment on the factory floor and in warehouse, with or without human interaction. Point-to-point robots perform tasks like transfer, lift as well as moving pallets, goods, parts, and half-finished products. AMR+ series robots are enhanced with belts, double roller conveyors, robotic arms and other mechanisms based on client¡¯s specific needs for production. To meet the needs of various industrial scenarios, QR code, SLAM, or hybrid navigation technology is used in robots to assure smooth mobility.

                Application Scenarios

                Transportation to assembly line, automated
                loading and unloading, point-to-point
                delivery, flexible production line


                PV, lithium battery, automotive,
                pharmaceutical, PCB, apparel, electronics

                Customer challenges

                • High technical requirements for operators, high labor costs

                • Hazardous worker-equipment operations

                • Harsh working conditions unsuitable for long-term manual work

                • Production capacity losses due to the untimely material flow in the factory

                • Heavy materials handling, which requires high docking accuracy

                Solution highlights

                • Seamless integration with the client's existing systems.

                • All the external equipment docking monitored through SCADA system, including mini-load, conveyor line, robotic arm, hoisting equipment, elevators.

                • Minimum changes to existing infrastructure.

                Value for the customer

                • Safe, reliable solution

                  Obstacle avoidance executed by the system and through multiple robot sensors.

                • Flexible deployment

                  Customers can add equipment and modify transportation routes independently.

                • Efficiency

                  Increased by 3-4 times

                • Labor costs

                  Reduced significantly by 40-60%, solving the reliance on traditional forklift in industrial applications.

                • Quick ROI

                  Less than 3 years

                • Storage Capacity

                  Increased by 80%

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