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                Quicktron goods-to-person robotsare designed to eliminate non-value-added activity in the warehouse. We offer a cost-effective solution, powered by proprietary algorithms, RCS, WMS systems, and CE-certified robots that meet rigorous safety requirements. Combined, all the elements ensure 2-3 times increased efficiency across picking, replenishment, returns processing, and other operations.

                Application Scenarios

                Full and split case picking, replenishment,
                putaway,reverse logistics


                E-commerce, beauty, automotive, 3PL, pharmaceutical, apparel, electronics, publishing

                Customer challenges

                • Low efficiency of manual picking

                • Labor shortages, high labor cost, and low picking accuracy

                • High cost of traditional warehouse automation solutions

                • High SKU count and short order fulfillment cycle

                • Complex order portfolio, low overlap of multi-item orders

                • Processes variability in flexible and precise sequencing production lines

                Solution highlights

                • Travel time eliminated
                  Goods transported to the workstation, so the operator only focuses on picking.

                • Algorithms-enhanced operations
                  Advanced algorithms enable real-time path planning, efficient multi-robot operation, dynamic storage.

                • System scalability
                  Goods-to-person technology easily expands with company's growth.

                Value for the customer

                • Picking efficiency increased 2-3 times

                  Collision-free path planning, storage optimization, robots collaboration, and other algorithms ensure fast delivery of goods to the operator. Multiple orders can be fulfilled simultaneously.

                • Flexible operation

                  Seamless connection with OMS/WMS/MES upper-level systems shortens implementation period.

                • Labor costs reduced by 60-80%

                  Solving the issue of hiring temporary workers for peak seasons.

                • 99.99% accuracy

                  Decreased number of returns due to picking errors.

                • Quick ROI

                  1-3 years

                • Taiwan / South East Asia: +886-2-66002945
                  South Korea: +82-10-42868898
                  Japan: +81-3-5829-8968
                  China Mainland:
                  400 - 859 - 2188
                • Sales: info@flashhold.com
                  Service: hotline@flashhold.com
                  Partnership: mkt@flashhold.com

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